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20 Minute Overview - Mexico eContabilidad Dec. 4, 2014 Updates

Mexico's tax authority updated their eContabilidad requirements doubling down on the initiative.


Key changes include:

  • Reports are required as of January 2015 for all multinationals that produced more than 4 Million Pesos of revenue in 2013.
  • Reports are due no later than the 3rd day after the second month following  the period - which means that January is now due no later than March 3rd, 2015
  • Chart of Accounts - has become more complicated
  • Trial balances- Journal Summaries - are due monthly, but only for 2015 data. You no longer need to provide 2014 data.
  • Journal entries - these are mandatory to be created and must be submitted upon the government's request or if you request a tax refund or compensation back. The UUID is still the key to all of these requirements
  • They have added additional complexities as well with expansion of the requirements, so don't delay - projects need to start in December to meet the deadlines.


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