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Top 10 SAP Implementation Challenges In LATAM 
Listen to webinar replay to learn the top 10 SAP implementation challenges multinationals face in Latin America.
Mandated e-invoicing and tax reporting requirements in Latin America make SAP implementations in this region more complex than anywhere else in the world. It’s understandable that multinational companies operating in Latin America first look to their ERP for compliance solutions. After making significant financial, IT, and operational investments in SAP solutions, managing compliance within this existing infrastructure is desirable. However, there are best practices that need to be considered when planning out your compliance strategy, especially across Latin America.

During the webinar you will Learn more about the top best practices for implementing SAP in Latin America, including how to:
  • Eliminate custom coding due to ERP localization gaps
  • Decrease support calls due to monitoring and visibility gaps overlooked at implementation
  • Avoid ending up with an accounting system that is not your system of record and provides no corporate visibility
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