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While some companies see enforced digital processes as a disruption to existing operations, the automation creates increased efficiencies within Latin American supply chains.  

Invoices have to be made available to the buyer to verify even before shipments arrive in many countries, making Latin America an opportune target for process automation and supply chain financing. The majority of invoices can be cleared for immediate payment without the need for manual intervention, often as soon as goods arrive. The benefit to the buyer is reduced operational costs for both accounts payable and inbound logistics; while the supplier benefits from payment transparency and longer financing windows to finance their receivables.

Backed by global financial institutions, Invoiceware International is the only compliance platform that helps companies optimize cash flow processes through its supply chain financing solution. By turning accounts payable into an “ATM for suppliers,“ both buyers and suppliers benefit from quicker processes through digitized payment systems and higher control over their own cash flow. 

With a “pay me now” option, suppliers are able to access their invoices from a single portal and elect their own payment terms, thus increasing control over cash flow.

With its supply chain financing solution, Invoiceware takes a proactive approach to government standardization by increasing supply chain liquidity – and ultimately, free cash flow within the Latin American region.

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“Utilizing an OnDemand Latin America E-Invoicing Network allows our internal staff to focus on strategic business activities rather than constantly researching and implementing continual changes in each country.” 

Randy Isdahl, Director SAP Process Architecture, Brown Forman Corporation