Lower the Cost of SAP ERP in Latin America

“One of the major problems with single instance is the inability to adapt the applications to ever evolving business requirements and advances in technologies in real time so that true business value is consistently delivered to the local teams” - Gartner Group

Common SAP ERP Problems in Latin America

  • Expensive to maintain - most multinationals traditionally have customized processes
  • Most global or regional instances are not on the latest versions – requires regression testing of the entire system every time there is a change
  • Constantly changing local requirements affect global SAP strategy
  • Multiple local vendors needed in each country
  • Too many support staff involved and operations are often shut down; manual adjustments often need to be made on information that has changes
  • Reliant on SAP Process Integration and middleware which creates failure points and monitoring issues for a real-time process

Invoiceware International Eliminates all of the traditional SAP ERP Problems across Latin America

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On Premise vs. Hybrid Cloud



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Invoiceware International Operates the Latin America Business Network
Simplifying government compliance across the region

  • One SAP ERP Solution and Compliance Platform for the entire Latin America region: E-Invoicing, Payroll, Receivables, Payables & Logistics
  • SAP Hybrid Cloud Service – The agility of the Cloud delivered directly into native SAP ERP compliance monitors. Eliminate mandatory SAP ERP upgrades and reduce maintenance costs by upwards of 80% annually.
  • A Fixed, Predictable cost – Know down to the Penny, Peso or Reais the cost to implement, and most, importantly maintain compliance every year. Never have to find emergency budget for an upgrade again.
  • Multi-Lingual Enterprise Support – 24x7x365 in English, Portuguese and Spanish for the entire end-to-end process.  One phone call for any issue rather than search and rescue missions involving multiple departments.

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“We selected Invoiceware International to manage our electronic invoicing requirements because their native SAP ERP solutions allow us to focus our internal resources on new business demands rather than maintenance; the multi-country platform allows us to work with one vendor across the region; and their guaranteed compliance updates turn unforeseen budgeting issues into a fixed predictable cost.”
David Friedman, CFO at Novus International