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Mexico CFDI Factura Electronica

Mexico CFDI Compliance – Simplified


Mexico’s Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT) released a new set of requirements May 31, 2013. Here are the highlights of the new changes your organization should be implementing.

Key Changes for 2014:

  • Legacy CFD is sunset and only valid through December 2013
  • All companies with revenues greater than 250,000 Pesos (~20K US Dollars) will be required to issue and validate CFDI XML
  • Account Payable will need to validate supplier XML and archive the XML for 5 years

With more than 500,000 companies affected, there is a lot of posturing by solutions in the market place. But what is important and can derail your transition is not the obvious, but what is in the details. If you overlook these following requirements, you may find your company in an audit or facing stiff penalties.

  • Shared Service organization often overlook the requirement to validate all inbound supplier invoices. This legislation took effect on Dec. 28 2012.  Many companies  handle this manually.  And this is fine until the volume of CFDI jumps 1000%. Make sure you understand the implications on your Accounts Payable organization or you may face criminal prosecution for tax evasion.
  • Your Accounting system will not be a one to one plug in to the government XML standard. This is the most overlooked issue in Mexico and can cause project delays of months.  Ensure your solution provider understands how to manage your ERP master data or you will have nightmares as you try to get your data into the system. ERP system including SAP and Oracle are not designed for these types of changes.
  • Your customers will have impact on the solution design.  The Mexico CFDI process is capable of customer-specific customization in the XML, known as an Addenda, and in the PDF layout.  If you overlook this issue – your customers will probably not pay you.
  • Project implementation in English and Spanish — this is a business process change that affects AR, AP and Logistics — it will require ERP configuration changes, so you need a  global team able to communicate clearly to define requirements and objectives.

Invoiceware International, the leader in Latin America electronic invoicing, provides solutions and services that reduce the risk and cost of maintaining compliance across the region for the world’s largest companies including Sun Chemical, Intermec, Kellogg, DuPont, and Siemens. Our customers achieve the following benefits:

  • One platform for the Latin America region instead of managing multiple local providers.
  • A fully integrated SAP solution so you don’t have to worry about middleware, configuration issues, OSS note applications or disparate systems during an audit.
  • Process Automation – automatic contingency processes on the outbound side that keep your operations from being shut down and automated 3-Way Matching drastically lowers the cost of processing supplier invoices.
  • Enterprise support in English, Portuguese and Spanish so you have one team to call for any issue – whether SAP or government connectivity.
  • A fixed, predictable cost so you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the changing legislation, how to translate that into your SAP configuration and most importantly never have to budget for changes again as they are covered by our annual service.