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Management Team


scott-lewin-ceoScott Lewin, President and CEO

As President and Chief Executive officer, Scott Lewin brings more than 20 years of broad and diverse leadership experience to Invoiceware International. Since joining the company, Mr. Lewin has been active in positioning the business to accelerate growth and drive operational improvements. This has enabled Invoiceware International to extend its leadership position in the electronic invoicing services and solutions market. He is responsible for corporate strategy, defining the Latin American E-Invoicing solution platform, and is an expert on B2B and e-Invoicing trends and issues globally.

Previously, Mr. Lewin, had been President of Crossgate, Inc., which was recently acquired by SAP AG in November 2011.  Prior to joining Crossgate, Inc. Mr. Lewin was the President and CEO of SEEBURGER, Inc for 5 years, during which the company experienced over 900% of revenue growth. For more than 20 years, Mr. Lewin has held sales and leadership roles helping technology companies rapidly grow their organizations and position them for sale. Mr. Lewin has earned a BA from the University of Michigan and his MBA from University of Pittsburgh.


JBJ_BioPhoto_B-1Jason Jones, COO

As Chief Operations Officer for Invoiceware International, Mr. Jones is responsible for global implementation services, customer support and overall operations of the solutions and technology. He has designed and implemented solutions for SAP R/3 that deliver out of the box compliance for Brazil Nota Fiscal Eletronica, CTe, NF-Services, Mexico SAT, Argentina AFIP, Chile, Columbia, and the European Union requirements for digital signature and archiving. Mr. Jones is one of the leading experts on electronic invoicing compliance in Latin America and has detailed knowledge of how ERP system needs to be designed to meet these ever changing government requirements. Prior to joining Invoiceware International, Mr. Jones spent over 15 years as senior management with Crossgate, Seeburger, and Epiphany.


Steve Sprague, VP, Product Strategy & Marketing

Steve Sprague has been working in the electronic invoicing and middleware integration space for over 16 years. As VP, Product Strategy & Marketing for Invoiceware International, Steve manages global messaging, product strategy, and field enablement. Prior to joining Invoiceware International, Steve spent 4 years as SVP, Product Strategy & Marketing for Crossgate, Inc, where he grew their global e-Invoicing compliance solutions and market leading cloud-based B2B platform. Crossgate was acquired by SAP AG in November 2011. Additionally, he held the role of EVP, Marketing & Product Strategy with SEEBURGER for 7 years, where his main responsibility was Product Management and Marketing. He was integrally involved in vertical solutions, emerging B2B standards, and SAP applications and middleware.

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