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Brazil_CircleeSocial – Brazil Compliance for HR

eSocial is a project of the Brazilian federal government that will collect labor, social security, tax, and fiscal information related to hiring and employment practices. The employer will transmit all information referring to their labor force online. This information will be registered in a unique base and each of the governmental entities will have access to the information pertinent to their inspection scope.

  • Labor Events: The labor events must be transmitted on time, i.e., as soon as they occur, in individual files for each event and they will feed a database named Registry of Labor Events (RET), which will represent: Hiring, Contract Details, Warnings, Suspensions.
  • Payroll Events: The payroll file and all of the other social security contributions (cooperatives, service providers, rural, etc.) will be transmitted monthly and must be consistent with the Registry of Labor Events (RET)
  • Mandates are set to take effect September 2016. 

Mexico_-_circleNomina Electronica 

If you are paying employees a wage/salary in Mexico, then you should be issuing electronic payroll receipts via CFDI as of January 1, 2014. Payroll deductions are retroactive – meaning that unlike the 72 hour rule for VAT invoices, they can be signed later. However, you can’t deduct the taxes until they are CFDI compliant.

  • There is a published “complemento” on the SAT website by the government
  • There is an “Addenda” concept where companies can place non-government required information
  • You can print out the receipts in formats specific to your business

For global companies, you need to take a regional outlook when approaching Latin America compliance – the legislation is continuing to expand across business processes and you don’t want to end up with five different vendors across multiple countries – this will only stress your support teams, your ERP competency center, and your teams responsible for the constant change management. Look for vendors that are able to cover compliance across multiple countries, able to deeply integrate with your ERP system, capable of providing enterprise support in multiple languages, and most importantly guarantee the change management, so you are not faced with upgrade projects every year.

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 “With Invoiceware International, our teams will be able to focus on growing our business rather than focusing on researching, implementing and reconfiguring our SAP system to meet the annual changes in Latin America.” 

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