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By means of the resolution DGT-002-09, (Dirección General de Tributación), the General Revenue Office in Costa Rica, authorized the use of electronic invoices as an efficient instrument of managing the financial process and reporting. The resolution authorized not only the use of the electronic invoices, but also the use of electronic credit notes and electronic debit notes as a voucher for the support of income, cost, and expenses. To utilize electronic invoices, both the issuer and the recipient of the invoice must be authorized by the General Revenue Office and comply with the list of requirements established by resolution DGT-002-09.

Legal Requirements

• Identification of the taxpayer
• Consecutive numeration
• Date of the transaction
• Name of the buyer
• Details of the merchandise being acquired
• Subtotal amounts
• Applicable taxes
• Total amount including taxes

Guatemala Guatemala

Guatemala’s Tax Authority, in August of 2011, passed a bill that introduces amendments to the board resolution number 024-2007 which establishes an optional electronic invoice system ‘FACE’ for the authorization, issuance and transmission, conservation, storage and control of invoices, credit notes and debit cards via e-mail and the receipt of copies of invoices, credit notes and debit cards issued on paper.

Electronic invoicing in Guatemala is the replacement of paper invoices. The electronic invoice is actually an electronic record that contains information on a business transaction, payment obligations and tax preparation. Additionally, the electronic invoice is a bill approved by the SAT, for which registration is issued, filed and stored electronically. Among its objectives is the reduction of business costs in Guatemala and facilitation of compliance with tax obligations.

The Electronic Invoice Guarantees:

  • The existence and origin of the issuer
  • The accuracy of the content
  • The control of invoices issued in "real time"
  • Ease of access to information and ease of reprinting copies
  • The same validity as a printed invoice
  • Same recognition as an invoice or document printed
  • It incorporates an Issue Authorization Code (FAC) that makes it unique and allows the validation of critical data
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