Supply Chain Efficiency

Latin American compliance issues can bring business to a halt, literally preventing trucks from leaving the warehouse or being turned around upon delivery, and stopping assembly lines when inbound deliveries are delayed or refused.

Electronic invoices act as a bill of lading in many Latin American countries, and companies cannot ship unless an approved invoice is physically on the truck. Minor IT issues that prevent transmission or printing of the invoice can have a major impact on business continuity.

On the plus side, companies can use electronic invoicing to simplify the inbound receiving process, turning hours of manual data entry into a single scan and click process. In fact, automated processes at local warehouses and factories increase employee productivity by up to 50 percent while lowering the cost of inbound receiving.

If your company could benefit from eliminating shipping issues and automating the inbound receiving process, contact Invoiceware today.

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“Utilizing an OnDemand Latin America E-Invoicing Network allows our internal staff to focus on strategic business activities rather than constantly researching and implementing continual changes in each country.” 

Randy Isdahl, Director SAP Process Architecture, Brown Forman Corporation