IT Support Challenges

Managing compliance internally requires a significant infrastructure, both from a personnel and systems perspective.

Managing compliance in Latin America requires a significant infrastructureMany companies spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on implementing compliance solutions, yet are left with unsustainable architectures that are costly to support and  maintain.  Some of these challenges derive from :

  • Individual bolt-on solutions in each country
  • Multiple solutions per country as different business process groups acquire individual technology for billing, account payables and reporting
  • Multiple break points between the ERP system, the middleware, and local country boxes
  • Separate support teams leaving local users with search and rescue missions when the process fails or changes are required
  • Data discrepancies between ERP and government servers caused by broken architecture

Bolt-on solutions don’t eliminate the constant ERP configuration which ends up being 80% of the IT effort.  And worse, you ERP system is no longer your system of record in Latin America. Each local compliance box is guaranteed to have different data.

Invoiceware International offers a regional platform that natively integrates with your existing ERP and is automatically updated with each regulatory change. ERP management consoles simplify the user experience, ensures the ERP is the sole system of record, permits changes on your schedule, and allows you to focus on your innovation rather than constant country maintenance. Learn more>>




 Understand specific penalties per country in Latin America

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“Utilizing an OnDemand Latin America E-Invoicing Network allows our internal staff to focus on strategic business activities rather than constantly researching and implementing continual changes in each country.” 

Randy Isdahl, Director SAP Process Architecture, Brown Forman Corporation