Mexico CFDI Factura Electronica Requirements

New Deadlines:

  • Nomina Electronica is now required in Mexico for Payroll Receipts

  • eContabilidad is due March 3rd, 2015

  • Inbound Validation is Mandatory

  • Addenda Management is a constant challenge



  • Account Receivable mandates - Sending Invoices to customers – these must be CFDI if your business does more than 250,000 pesos of revenue per fiscal year.
  • Account Payable mandates - Receiving invoices from suppliers – the government only cares about XML during an audit as of the 2012 diaries, so you must collect, validate and archive your supplier XML.
  • Logistics companies should be producing the Carte Porta and this should accompany your goods movement in the country, customs documentation can be used for import.
  • Import numbers known as Pedimento must be applied to the invoice.
  • Nomina Electronica – All payroll receipts must be validated before you can deduct taxes, this is retroactive and effective as of January 1, 2014.

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• Video Tutorial – Mexico CFDI


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