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Brazil Nota Fiscal For Goods & Version 3.1 
Brazil Nota Fiscal for Services & CTe
Brazil Nota Fiscal – Inbound Account Payables




Once you have an understanding of the core processes please access our eBook on “Reducing the Risk and Costs of Compliance”. This document will help you understand what happens if you get the process wrong as well as the top 3 ways your organization can reduce the support and change management costs in Brazil.

Brazil Nota Fiscal Overview and New Version 3.1

Brazil mandated the use of electronic invoicing many years ago, and the compliance requirements are probably the most complex in the world to implement, monitor and maintain. As you look at solution providers you need to ensure you fully understand and explore:

  • The 3 types of documents — Goods Invoices, Service Invoices, and CTe — Transportation Documents. And, if you are a Retailer or business selling to an end consumer — NFC is a major change as states look to transition away from the Cupom and ECF printers.
  • You should analyze how your global ERP system and upgrade strategy is affecting or how it will affect your Nota Fiscal deployment
  • Most importantly, understand how you will handle the upgrade to version 3.1 which is mandated for December 2014.
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