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Legal requirements for invoicing are changing in Argentina. The Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) announced that all companies doing business in Argentina will have to issue electronic invoicing starting July 1, 2015 (RG 3749).

While they are mandatory for some industries, others are still receiving future timelines from the Argentinean tax authority Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP). Over 300,000 companies will be transitioning during 2014 to electronic invoicing. Today organizations need to consider solutions for Type E export invoices, as well as the regulations for domestic (Type A and Type B) invoices.

Invoiceware International Solutions for Argentina include:

  •  Functionality: 
    • Dynamic Sequencing that manages sequential numbering so if there is a problem with one particular invoice, subsequent invoices will not be placed on hold. 
    • Manages multiple invoice types (Type A, Type B, Type E)
    • Remito support
    • Manage ODN, CAE and Date stamps
    • Real-time integration of CFD Summary with Argentina Tax Authority (AFIP)
    • PDF Design & Maintenance based on customer specifics
    • Data Extraction and Extended Attributes – We provide all the data manipulation so you don’t have to adjust your ERP processes. More importantly, we maintain this through the government changes. Archiving, PDF design and maintenance, and more…


  • One platform for all compliance requirements in Argentina -  E-Invoicing, Receivables, Payables, Logistics, and CFD reports.
  • Hybrid Cloud Service – The agility of the Cloud delivered directly into native ERP compliance monitors. Eliminate mandatory ERP upgrades and reduce maintenance costs by upwards of 80% annually.
  • A Fixed, Predictable cost – Know down to the Penny, Peso or Reais the cost to implement & more importantly maintain compliance every year. Never have to find emergency budget for an upgrade again.
  • Multi-Lingual Enterprise Support –24x7x365 in English, Portuguese and Spanish for the entire end-to-end process. One phone call for any issue rather than search and rescue missions involving multiple departments.

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“Our local vendor strategy was creating a constant stream of work for our internal SAP team as the majority of issues related to day to day support and change management were not addressed by their solutions. We selected Invoiceware International because their native SAP ERP solutions allow us to focus our internal resources on new business demands, their multi-country platform lowers our total cost of ownership across the region, and their guaranteed compliance updates turn unforeseen budgeting issues into a fixed predictable cost.”

CIO of Sun Chemical, Bryan Schatzman