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Invoiceware International’s platform is powered by its SAP Hybrid Cloud Architecture and is the only economical way to manage Latin America e-invoicing compliance. Our solution combines on-premise SAP extensions for custom integration with cloud-based services to offer economies of scale, maximum uptime and seamless upgrade capabilities.

Invoiceware’s benefits includes the following:

  • Eliminates SAP ERP change management and day-to-day support issues for internal teams
  • Allows for on-premise contingency so that you can always ship goods
  • Takes advantage of economies of scale in cost: multi-country, less hardware and subject matter expertise
  • Eliminates IT staff from having to react to constant changes in legislation
  • 24/7 multi-language support - One call to a single team offers all support and avoids the search and rescue missions of the past

With Invoiceware’s hybrid cloud model, internal IT teams no longer have to support the entire compliance process, such as figuring out how to get your SAP system integrated with the government processes and responding to frequent regulation changes. Full cloud models offer no way of providing on-premise contingency, causing shipping delays if the network is down. When you add it all up, our hybrid cloud model lowers the total cost of maintaining SAP throughout Latin America.

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“Our local vendor strategy was creating a constant stream of work for our internal SAP team as the majority of issues related to day to day support and change management were not addressed by their solutions. We selected Invoiceware International because their native SAP ERP solutions allow us to focus our internal resources on new business demands, their multi-country platform lowers our total cost of ownership across the region and their guaranteed compliance updates turn unforeseen budgeting issues into a fixed predictable cost.”

Bryan Schatzman, Chief Information Officer at Sun Chemical